Bring to Class

  • Lunch/Snacks/Beverages. We will try to take an hour for lunch depending on how things are progressing and you are free to go out to grab lunch. Bring beverages, including water (no alcohol before or during class).
  • Note pad and pen/pencil. I will try to have some extra pens/pencils.
  • Your NRA Card or membership number, if you are a member (for paperwork purposes).

Bring to the Range

  • The firearm(s) you intend to use for proficiencies and for any other shooting you may wish to do, after all testing is completed. 100 rounds of proper quality ammunition full metal jacket (FMJ) is fine and it is usually cheaper. Cleaning kit for your caliber (I will try to bring a couple with me). Please bring the Owner’s Manual for the firearm(s) you intend use. I have quite a few on my laptop if needed and one may be available for your firearm, which you may copy to CD or memory stick if you wish (you will need to provide the media to copy to). If you would like for me to download a copy of a specific firearm, just let me know before class and I will do that for you. I may also be able to email one to you, if Wi-Fi is available or within a couple of days after class.
  • Lunch, snacks, and beverages, including water.
  • Eye protection and ear protection. I will provide earplugs if you need them and I have 8 pair of glasses you may borrow (you may have to share the glasses). If you wear prescription glasses, you may use them.
  • Wear proper attire for the occasion. Long pants, closed toe sensible shoes, avoid low cut tops and bring a hat (we don’t want hot brass flying down our shirt fronts/backs or inside our glasses). If the weather is rainy or cold, dress accordingly. Sunscreen if you need it. If you bring gloves, make sure they do not interfere with your trigger and the ability to pull the trigger properly or your ability to reload.
  • Range Fees are included with cost of the course(s) as well as targets (for proficiencies only).